Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The HoseMaster of Wine™ Has Left the Building

I’ve had a grand time writing HoseMaster of Wine™. It changed my life in countless unexpected ways. Many of those changes were wonderful, many were heartbreaking. Isn’t that life in a nutshell? In hindsight, I would do it all again, only much more critically,  much more relentlessly. I’ve churned out more than 500 pieces of satire in the past five and a half years, and made the acquaintance of some strange and remarkable voices in my head—Lo Hai Qu, Larry Anosmia MS, Avril Cadavril, Sam Euthanasia, Trump the Emperor of Wine, and a host of others. I’ve always written for my own enjoyment, and never for money or influence or fame. And I’ve never run out of fools, buffoons, frauds, liars and cheats to write about. I never thought I would.

I’m taking a hiatus. It may be permanent. I intend to still publish on Tim Atkin’s site once a month, because I admire Tim and I am honored to be part of his stable of wine writers. And I may occasionally send a piece to Lisa Perrotti-Brown at the Wine Advocate site, if she'll have me, because I admire and adore her, but I will be publishing far less frequently. You’re welcome.

My hiatus will be good news for many people in the wine business, and bad news for just about nobody. I’ve never taken myself seriously, not on this blog, and not in my entire adult life. It’s people who take themselves too seriously who have been my targets as often as not. I’m happy with the work I’ve produced here, particularly in the past couple of years. It was always my goal to see if I could rediscover my comic voice. I’m content with the results, and, more than anything else, that’s why I’m beginning the process of stepping away. I’ve achieved in my own heart what I set out to achieve. It’s been a long six years. It’s been a lot of hard work. I’m ready to begin to wind down.

Frankly, another reason I’m taking a hiatus is because I’m weary of being part of the noise and worthlessness of the online wine world. Stepping away means I no longer have to spend any time at all perusing the absolute shit that passes for wine writing on the internet these days. I recently received a press release about a new wine website called Seven Fifty Daily. I glanced at it, and it’s such predictable drivel, such shameless marketing mixed in with the kind of hard-hitting journalism one associates with “Tiger Beat” magazine, that I nearly screamed in agony. Fuck, I thought, who reads this shit? Worse, who writes it? Too much Pay for Play going on in the wine biz—but ’twas ever thus. I’m just unspeakably tired of it.

Many would say I’m part of the utter shit that passes for wine writing. I wouldn’t argue. At least I understand I’m part of the crap. No matter. I’ve had a blast. There are dozens of people and common taters to thank, but you know who you are, and you know how I feel about you. I’ll leave it at that.

I’m not entirely disappearing. I don’t think I’m capable of quitting HoseMaster of Wine™ cold turkey. So, if you are an email subscriber, you’ll see when I’m publishing at Tim’s (first Monday of the month), and you’ll know if I’m over at the Wine Journal. And then one day, not so far off, you’ll wonder, whatever happened to the HoseMaster…


Linda Wish said...


Goddess of Wine said...

It's always good to take a break. Don't think for a moment that you won't be missed!

Dean Tudor said...

Say it ain't so, Joe !!!

Rob Romano said...

Ahh! say it ain't so Joe! Who will keep the glass Nazi's at bay??

Eric V. Orange said...

Hose, you need a break. It's been a few years since your last swan song.
Travel east. I'm just outside Philly and can put you up.

I will watch for your return.


Brian Baker said...

5 years?
"But Mr Torrance I thought you'd always been the wine blog caretaker"

A worthy collection of ideas, words and jokes strung together with biting satire
Well done Ron
Well done

San Francisco Mothers Against Violence said...

Noooo! I love reading HoseMaster. You are the bomb and I will miss your weekly articles but will happily read once a month if not more. I always felt I could contribute to your rants and sorry I didn't. Take a wonderful vacation, sit by a pool then go swimming and drink a good BEER.
My best to you from San Francisco.

Eric Degerman said...

Thank you for entertaining us, and best wishes on getting some of your life back. In the meantime, the poodles will run amok.

Janet Dyer said...

Noooo! I love reading HoseMaster. You are the bomb and I will miss your weekly articles but will happily read once a month if not more. I always felt I could contribute to your rants and sorry I didn't. Take a wonderful vacation, sit by a pool then go swimming and drink a good BEER.
My best to you from San Francisco.

Just updated my profile!!

Mel Knox said...

Death to the fascist insect that preys upon the people!!
Long life to the Master of the Hose!!!

Amy said...

Bad news for me. Look me up when you're in Paso Robles. Xoxo

Quizicat said...

Thanks for your work. I can't remember how I found you, but I'm glad I did. You've brought some chuckles into my life. (You know, those jelly squares with sugar on them)
Thanks, Ya'll come back, ya hear!

David Ramey said...

Sad for us, Ron, but happy for you.

Jerry T said...

I shall miss you, but I certainly understand your decision. As a former liquor department manager in a small, upscale grocery chain,I've had the joy of keeping a sense of humor and balance in sharing your blog with customers, colleagues, and most importantly, self important suppliers. Thank you for bringing tears to my eyes and out loud guffaws in the store. I will be watching for your stuff on Mr. Atkin's site.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Clare Tooley said...

Worst. News. Ever. You are my vinous air freshener and my dose of salts every week. Your unique voice(s!) are essential to my wine wellbeing. Time for that drink I think. X

Dean Tudor said...

Ron, everybody will miss you, even your victims.
You could take your timeless work of writings and make a large PDF for ereader distribution. Maybe even sell it...
...and since you are obviously leaving because Trump is breathing down your neck, please come to Canada. I can show you around the repressive LCBO government monopoly of alcohol sales. And Nat awaits you...

David Fish said...

but YOU are the hero that Gotham deserves!

sh*t... OK, understood- you deserve a break.

if you are ever in Dundee/Willamette, please stop by?


Charlie Olken said...

I was just rereading some of the comments in the left column.

It's clear that you are widely considered, and not always flatteringly. My favorite is the guy who says you pick on girls and old wine critics. Has he not read your columns. You don't pick on girls. You are not a pedophile. You pick on women--and then mostly they have to be named Alice. And as for old wine critics, they are enjoying themselves in Hell.

It's too bad that writing requires work and that good writing requires lots of work. Reading is a lot easier. Unless, of course, you are reading blogs.

See you around the next turn in the road--unless the road leads to Lodi.

Kurt Burris said...

All these years and never being a common tater, you finally motivated to activate my google ID so I could say thank you. So, Thank You, Kurt Burris, Sacramento

Blaise said...

I was with you early on from France. Hardly post. Admire your satire. It is art. Sorta ending is iRONic, no?

edwin Sokoloff said...

I don't remember how I found you, but, now I have to deal with not having you to read!!! Living here in Canada ( Collingwood , Ontario ) makes it easy to understand your disdain of those self important, self styled writers who know shit!!!!
Mostly retired from the wine business, you keep my mind sharp and occupied.
I'll miss your sniping, pillorying and perfect arrows sent in their direction.
Still, I will look forward to seeing you on Tim's site, but, will look forward to the HOSEMASTER'S return.

George Skorka said...

Time will tell and time has come...not to tell it /yet/. In your Tuesday monologue:" Fuck, I thought, who reads this shit?" time is up....
We Salute to the time before and after the F words principality.. Timeless came to take you into it...And in return into it....We and You will be blessed.

Alexander Saliby said...

But...whom shall I turn to, if you turn away? Imagine music in the background and Matt Monroe, on-key of course.

Gallego Red said...

Thanks for the laughs and insights, Ron. I hope this is just a hiatus, as this silly sub-culture of wine gnostics needs someone like the Hosemaster.

John Giannini said...

Ron, The HoseMaster has been my comic relief for many years. I understand, but I'm sorry to see it end. I'm expecting the withdrawal symptoms to start next week. Wishing you much success in your future endeavors.

Julie St John said...

Oh well the world has a way of disappointing us at times. I will miss your posts. Rest up as I suspect you'll be back-like the Terminator and that pesky fly in my office. Cheers!

TonyA said...

Will miss you. Are you leaving the Wine Critics in Hell for eternity?

Robert Miller said...

Can't improve on the comments already posted. Will definitely miss your weekly missives and look forward to your every so often ones to come. Enjoy your break.

Larry Anosmia, M.S. said...

Oh pul-leeze! It's not like David Letterman leaving forever the Ed Sullivan Theater.

He was a lousy tipper.

The SOE thought he was a BLR.

Made me work my ass off pouring the wine-in-a-box he schlepped to his dinner with Bianca.

(I mean, how the fuck do you Coravin the damn thing?)

That dinner was the nadir of my professional experience. Even worse than serving Parker a bottle of Harlan Estate to wash down his plate of oysters when he and David ("Pshaw") Shaw dined at Pinot Blanc.

If I had my way, I would 86 DO NOT ACCEPT him.

But restaurants are brown-nosing ventures that cravenly take anyone's money. (Sorry Morgan, but service à l'esprit is more noble than our shill profession allows.)

Ron Washam, HMW said...

For the past few hours, since I posted this notice, I've felt an enormous amount of anxiety. The HoseMaster has been part of my life, and part of my consciousness, for a very long time now. Sometimes I mistake him for myself, just as others mistake me for him. Saying goodbye is hard, and it feels wrong. It's like a bad relationship breakup. I know why I'm leaving, but right now I'm only remembering the good times and why I loved him. The breakup is bittersweet.

I simply don't know how long I'll even continue writing for Tim. For a while, but who knows? And I wonder how it will be to go to a wine event and just be Ron Washam, now the former HoseMaster of Wine™. I think a lot of people who once paid me a lot of attention personally will probably vanish from my life. I have to be OK with that.

The other night, I saw a clip on television of a fishing boat unloading a huge net filled with fish onto its deck. Thousands and thousands of fish flopping around wildly. And the image of those fish reminded me of nothing so much as all the tongues of all the wine bloggers flopping around on the internet. One big pile of identical tongues flopping pathetically and hopelessly before they die and become cat food. I didn't want to be among them.

Thank you for all the kindness. Thank you for having been part of this personal experiment in comedy writing resurrection. I'll miss this. More than any of you can imagine. But it's time. It's been time. Stay in touch. Keep fighting the good fight. Drink great wines, and laugh. Laugh a lot. It's all there is.

Tom Elliot said...

It was a fun ride. How about a book? Just take your old columns and stuff'm in there. Sort of like "Inspiring Thirst: Vintage Selections from the Kermit Lynch Wine Brochure" by Kermit Lynch, only different.

Tim Fleming said...

Once a HoseMaster, always a HoseMaster!
Thanks for the great ride!

Ziggy said...

A huge void has been created in my life. Well, maybe not huge but an empty spot anyway, like on a Monday or a Tuesday, in most cases.

Popping a bottle of Organic Orange Wine to drown something.


BigWillyStyles said...

shit. i'm kinda worried that without HM to hold the mirror up for us, we'll lose perspective and start taking wine seriously again.

David Pierson said...

A well-deserved break Ron.. if I had tics to Bermuda I'd send them to you.. you deserve to put your typing hands up for a while.. I'm going to miss Lo Hi Que the most.. I may be wrong, but I had the feeling the last few months you've been phoning it in, not really that into writing cutting satire any more.. always love to laugh, but I often enjoyed your personal essays the best.. write those any time.. love David

David Larsen said...

You have threatened to retire from writing as many times as I have from winemaking. But a little break usually is all it takes to recharge the battery. So I hope you enjoy intermission and come back for your next act.

Ron Washam, HMW said...

I am the blogger who cried, "Wolf!" to be sure.

I'll continue to write for Tim monthly, but I don't know for how much longer. I've given up trying to predict the future, especially my own.

Honestly, David, I don't foresee a "next act." I'll miss the accolades, I'll miss the admiration, and I'll really miss the hate mail. But it's been a struggle the past year. The recluse in me finally got his way. I know I'll miss all this, but I'm a believer in leaving the party a little too early rather than a little too late.

I may have screwed that up as well.

Nigel said...

Ron, thanks for the alternative perspective. It takes an expert on the topic to write cutting satire and that's what we have seen from you. I also appreciated your stand against Reidel. I subscribe, so I'll be looking out for you on Tim's.

larry mawby said...

crap, now i suppose i have to delete this site from my favorites. what a pain. i do, truly, feel hosed.

Tom In Real Life said...

We all knew this day would come. Although you'll be missed, probably not as much by those bloviating buffoons who cannot introduce themselves without adding MS, MW, CWE, FWS, CSE, WSET, CMS, FWS, AWBP, or SWE. I am well aware that many hold those positions in high regard but honestly, this industry could use less certified know-it-alls and more people who aren't afraid to keep it real.

Unknown said...

You will find your new self and come back to us brighter, wittier, more quotable, *lovable* and respected. But gosh, I don't know if that's possible. Have a good break and come back soon, dear friend!

Debra Meiburg MW said...

You will be missed, Ron. Will reserve all snorting guffaws until your return.

Paul T. Gilmore said...

I guess now I can start writing my wine blog. ;)
Gonna miss the HM!

Paul Moe said...

Like everyone, I'm sorry to see you go, but since you know it's right, close this door and open the next one. Good luck, Hose.

Rocky Volcanics said...

Does this mean I'll see you more often in the 'Burg? I'll certainly miss HM, but will find some solace in knowing RW is just around the corner

Jim Caudill said...

More time to hang out, great, see you soon!

Don Clemens said...

I am sad for me, which is selfish. I wish you only the best, Ron. You have given me so many snorts and belly-laughs that I couldn't always explain to my "cellmates". I will miss your wit, your pathos, your amazing punning abilities and - most of all - your humanity! Enjoy your self-imposed exile. I can only hope that your Muse decides sooner, rather than later, to crack the whip and get you back to doing something that you are so obviously great at!

Bob Henry said...

This swan song (a broadside directed at wine bloggers in it for the freebies?) should play under the credits as HoseMaster goes dark.

As the creators of the American television series M*A*S*H expressed in their 251st and final episode: "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen"


Selling out
Is easy to do
It's not so hard
To find a buyer for you

When money talks
You're under its spell
Ah, but what do you have when there's nothing left to sell?

Selling out (I'd rather call it compromise)
Is easy to do (Sometimes you have to close your eyes)
It's not so hard (Being rich is no disgrace)
To find a buyer for you (Put on your shoes and join the race)

When money talks (It has a very soothing voice)
You're under its spell (It's up to you to make the choice)
Ah, but what do you have when there's nothing left to sell?
(Before you know it there'll be nothing left to sell)

You can't always break the rules
People who try are fools
When you get older
Maybe then you will see

I've always found ideals
Don't take the place of meals
That's how it is and how it will always be

It's so nice to have integrity
I'll tell you why
If you really have integrity
It means your price is very high

So remember when you start to preach
And moralize
That we all are in the game and brother its name is compromise

Selling out (I'd rather call it compromise) [It's so nice to have integrity]
Is easy to do (Sometimes you have to close your eyes) [I'll tell you why]
It's not so hard (Being rich is no disgrace) [If you really have integrity]
To find a buyer for you (Put on your shoes and join the race)[It means your price is very high]

When money talks (It has a very soothing voice) [So remember when you start to preach]
You're under its spell (It's up to you to make the choice) [And moralize]
Ah, but what do you have when there's nothing left to sell?
(Before you know it there'll be nothing left to sell)
[That we all are in the game and brother its name is compromise]

Bob Rossi said...

Too bad, but I certainly understand your reasons. My one regret is that I only "discovered" this blog last year, so I missed 5 years of it.

Batmang said...

I've enjoyed your work for about three years Ron, and can't count how many times you made me laugh out loud. It's a gift to be able to make people laugh (an odd phrase "make people laugh"...as if someone is forcing someone else to laugh), and you have that gift. I appreciate your ability to tell when the emperor has no clothes and to remind us of same. It gave me great pleasure when you put me in the common tater category. Best wishes and good health.

John Agle said...

You're a helluva writer, Ron. Satire is gut-wrenching. Maybe it's time for a gardening blog. Thanks for all the yuks. Hope to see/hear/read you around. Best of luck!

Samantha Dugan said...

My Love,
There are few things I will ever cherish more than the, albeit too brief, time with You. You have been a gift to us all..
I love you, always
Your Samantha

Ron Washam, HMW said...

This hasn't been an easy decision, my friends. I've had the time of my life being the HoseMaster. The people I've met as a result of cranking out this crapola changed my life. I'm so grateful. Some have moved on from my life, but so many remain. My biggest fear is that more will move on now that I'm no longer the wine biz Fool. But I cannot control that.

It was a simple formula. I accomplished to my own satisfaction what I set out to accomplish when I began writing HoseMaster after my mother died. It was always about that desire to write again, and write well, and do it for an extended amount of time. I never cared about anything but that. The little bit of fame, the wonderful words and contributions of my beloved common taters, the groupies (OK, not so many groupies), that was all unexpected, but wonderful.

But I was at a place where I was just treading water. I'd rather drown. It's time.

I almost didn't allow comments for this post. What an idiot. Thank you, truly, every one of you, for your kindness and thoughtfulness. I'm not completely vanishing, but I'm certainly fading away.

The last 24 hours have been difficult. HoseMaster changed my life. All of you changed my life. I owe you all a great emotional debt. Thank you.

Paul Moe said...

I think I an speak for most of us by saying "you're very welcome".

Mary Orlin said...

This is fake news right? Thank you for the sanity you bring to wine writing. When the drivel gets to be too much, your writing always brings it back to reality.

Wine Project Management said...

Always better to go out on top!

Dave Miner said...

Enjoy the ride Ron. Thanks for all the laughs. Come by for a glass of wine when you can.

Tim Dolven said...

....well....I least I wont"t have to clean snorted coffee from my screen as frequently.Congratulations and you will be missed

Daniel said...

Thanks for bringing the HMW into our world, and for keeping the overly serious self important ones at bay for as long as you did. And thank you for not jumping the shark and making us suffer...
we will keep a sharp eye out for your biting sense of humor.

Grazie Mille! Daniel in Tacoma

Karen Moneymaker said...

Thank you for the laughter, for the well-aimed wit and for reminding us all not to take ourselves too seriously. The HoseMaster will be missed.

David Pierson said...

Lots of great comments here.. but in the spirit of the Hosemaster thought I'd throw in a little dark humor.. when I said I'd send you tics to Bermuda I was tempted to say Belize instead.. but I didn't want anyone misconstruing my sincere congrats instead of Saul Goodman on Breaking Bad, a great series that had a vein of black humor running thru its veins, same with Mad Men that a lot people missed.. but when Saul suggested to Walt that he send Jesse, like he did Mike, on a trip to Belize, or do an Old Yeller.. which I'm sure some of your fav targets might prefer, I thought I'd better stick with Bermuda.. haha. anyway as I wound up a post on my site recently, "S'all good man!!

PaulG said...

Sorry to be late to the wake Ron. As it happens, I "retired" from making wine yesterday, and missed all the Hosemaster excitement. You are in the great tradition of Dave Barry and Gary Larsen, able to say enough is enough and move on. Good on ya! Take up flugelhorn or origami or something that will keep you from going insane. Stop reading anything related to wine. Get off the Atkin diet as quickly as possible. Exit stage left. But if you're ever in Waitsburg, let's resume the conversation. Best wishes for the road ahead, however gravelly it may be.

Yolanda SWL said...

You'll be missed, HoseMaster! It's hard to find wine sites that don't take themselves too seriously and bring on some fun to the wine business

Tim Wildman said...

Aw, crap.
Who's going to keep the bastards honest now?
And more importantly, provide me with weekly entertainment without having to pay a monthly subscription fee.
Sorry to see you go Ron, but in the immortal words of that big fella from Highlander, better to burn out than to fade away.
You, Jefford and Drinkster are the only columns on wine I ever read.
Well, as Meatloaf said....
You may have taken off the motley and exited stage left (hopefully not pursued by bear) but I reckon the figure of the Hosemaster TM will cast a long shadow, one that may follow you into the future in unexpected and delightful ways. Just saying.
Good on ya Ron, enjoy the rocking chair, just don't get too comfy

Bob Hunnicutt said...

Maybe it's time to pick on the craft beer world :)

Jeff (Good Grape) said...

Fuck off you twat :-)

enobytes said...

We still gotta do drinks. I'm buying!

gabriel jagle said...

dude, so lame.

I appreciate your freedom to do whatever the hell you want, but this was one of the few bright spots left on the internet. Everything is so f**king serious these days, it was nice to have a place to escape for a laugh. It was also nice to have a wine website that was actually fun to read; now my choices are reading about cocktail trends in manhattan or the various subregions of tokaji.

Bukowski once said that writing is like breathing for a writer - they don't do it for pleasure or recognition, they just do it automatically without thinking about it. So I have no doubt that you will continue to write. I hope you will find a way to share it with the world, and I hope that I can track it down again.

Until then, I want to thank you for making me laugh, and for letting me know that I wasn't the only person who thought the wine industry was a little too infatuated with the aroma of it's own farts. I can only hope there is another writer that is brave enough, smart enough, and funny enough to fill the giant void you will leave behind you.



Ron Washam, HMW said...

Nice to hear from you. You invented terrible wine blogs! Thanks for being part of the farewell party.

Any time, Darling.

Writing is not like breathing for a writer. Bukowski was a drunk and a lecher. Wait. So maybe he's right!

Thanks, Gabe. I actually will be writing for Tim (I think), but I will not be writing aside from that.

Nearly everything I read on the internet about wine is cowardly, sycophantic, disingenuous, or dishonest. I defy anyone to tell me I'm wrong about that. It's a stinking shit show, and all of you should just stop reading it. But you won't.

I'm not that brave or smart or funny. But I certainly had the great fun of telling some truths. Almost no one I read in the wine blog world does that. I hope someone does step into my shoes. But I won't be here to read them.

Thanks, Gabe. Stay in touch. You have my email. All of you who I like, my great common taters, have my email. Stay in touch. Come visit. There are lots of you I'd still like to meet.

Cris Carter said...

So long, and thanks for all the fish. You'll be missed, but not forgotten. Cheers, Ron.

Ben E Payne Jr said...

Please tell me it isn't so, and yet I know it to be. Best wishes to you O Hosemaster in whatever pursuit you choose, be it on your arse or climbing mountains. I have always enjoyed your take on the business of wine but more importantly, wine itself. There is a '61 Hermitage La Chapelle waiting for you and the end of the road.

Au revoir,

Ben Payne
A wine guy

Arabicspkr said...

Wow. And with that, the only good site for wine reading is gone. Well, I will say this. I am so fucking glad you nailed Abe Schoener of Scholium before you exited the stage. You will be missed. More than you realize.

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I will be checking your site periodically for an update.

Don't go too long. The wine world is only gonna get more obnoxious. We need ya. Have a smoke and come back soon, ya hear?

stacie said...

Dear New Pal..

Although I have followed you and had the best time grinning out loud, we only met the other day at the SF International Wine Competition! Gawd! You are fun!
I was honored to sit at your side, give you a kiss on the head and have funny pictures taken with you -- and taste and score wines together.
Looking forward to whatever spins out of your most creative and at times pissed off mind!
Taking a break is good for the muse of the soul, however, hoping that your fingers itch, your brain can't stand being silent and your ire is such that you are back as often as you feel the pull!
See you at the winery asap!
Big hug,

gbrezic said...

Checking into the blog at the end of a long week for a needed breath of fresh air and a good laugh at ourselves in the wine business just to see this! Like everyone else here, I'll truly miss the weekly moments of Zen reading the new post(s) from the Hosemaster. Thank you so much for the years of on point satire and witticism in an industry that needs so much more of it. Enjoy your much deserved freedom and thanks again for the countless hours you put in to share your thoughts with us.

Ron Washam, HMW said...

I loved writing HoseMaster of Wine™. And I have been overwhelmed by all of the kind notes I've received here, and in my personal email. It's what you'd expect, I guess. You're all here because you like my crapola, so it's no surprise you're all being so kind. Yet it's very gratifying, and very much appreciated. All I ever wanted to do with my "gift" was to make people laugh. Wine, and the wine business, was simply my chosen target.

I'm not completely vanishing. Yet. I still intend to write monthly for Tim Atkin. So this isn't a funeral, just a stepping back, a slowing down, a reclamation of the other parts of my life that matter to me. I wanted to be one voice in the internet wine world that wasn't about marketing, self-promotion, self-delusion, or out-and-out amateurish crap. I can say this without reservation: I'm proud of the people who love my work, and I'm equally proud of the list of people who hate my work. That's important to a satirist.

A woman I love called me to say that she was proud of me for having the courage to walk away. She understands. She's a brilliant and creative young woman, and she recognizes how much of one is left behind when one leaves an endeavor that is so filled with one's soul and energy and time. In a strange way, I'm in mourning for the HoseMaster. I hate the asshole, but I'll miss him. Yet it's time, and has to be. But for those monthly visits with him for Tim. And then those will seem stupid, and end.

I have so many more things to say about wine and the wine business. But I really, really, really, really, really need a break.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! A writer is only ever as good as his readers, and I have always had the absolute smartest, funniest and most talented readers of any wine blog anywhere. You, all of you, made me a better writer, and a better man.

bob keaveny said...

sorry to see you dialing it back,but you've obviously thought it thru......loved your writing here,has brought me many laughs...thank you very much........good luck and God Bless

Unknown said...

Come to Walla Walla. We'll toast to something or other. Hugs, Steve Unwin's mom.

Aaron said...

Oh no! Well, I wish you well! For the rest of us I hope you do decide to come back, or at least occasionally pull the HoseMaster out from retirement for the occasional piece. But more importantly, take care of yourself and family in however you feel you need to. Take care! Maybe someday I'll be up in your neck of the woods and we end up sharing a bottle or 3 =D

Rico said...

Miss you dude.

Samantha Dugan said...

Me too....

Unknown said...

Ron, thank you for giving so much to so many people you don't even know. That includes me. I have read your posts for many years, since, unfortunately, I decided the wine world was for me. You kept it real and although I got behind on many posts, I always read every single one, sometimes a month later, meaning I never commented. Mostly I didn't feel I had much to add to the hosemaster world, and now it is too late. Such a loss for me.

I wish you all the best on your next adventure, change is good and you are brave to be leaving at the top of your game. I don't know if you won your second Roederer award, but in my heart you beat them all. It wasn't even a contest. What is important is all the people you touched as you can tell from all the comments. The wine world is smaller , and less interesting, without you in it.

David Rossi said...

I'll miss your stuff Ron, but I hope after the hiatus you will decide to get back into writing Hosemaster, at least occasionally.