Monday, April 1, 2013

Forget the James Beard Awards, It's Time for the Frugies!

Here it is, the first Monday of April, April Fools Day, so my piece is over at Tim Atkin's place. For laughs, I had been perusing the list of nominees for the James Beard Awards. It's a long list! There must be 50 categories now, a way to give everyone who ever dissected a duck, wrote about dissecting a duck, or had sex with a duck, a Beard Award. Or duck herpes. That list triggered the piece over at Tim's. I thought it would be interesting to give awards to wine folks whose decisions were poorly thought out, and what better famous food person to name the awards for than Jeff Smith, The Frugal Gourmet, whose huge career ended when charges of child molestation surfaced against him? He'd have been better off fileting the ducks than the kids.

It's more of my usual nonsense, only with a British accent. And it would make Tim and me happy if those of you who wish to comment, comment over at Tim's blog. I warned Tim to be careful what he wished for.

Tim Atkin MW


Quizicat said...

Restaurant Gouge is my favorite.

Thomas said...

First, I like the Restaurant Gouge too, haven't I heard of that place before?

Now two things about Tim's site:

1. I hate the cumbersome, popping way the visuals dissolve and distract in my right peripheral vision while I am reading the post.

2. What information does want in order for me to sign in with my Google account to comment? Is this a way to send more spam directly to my email account?

Ron Washam, HMW said...

It's amazing they stay in business, but the place is always packed. They understand how much people like to be insulted in a fine restaurant.

I love my regular stuff--Restaurant Gouge, Splooge Estate, Larry Anosmia, and maybe Lo Hia Qu.

Disqus is a website for Nigerian princes. So it's real, not Spam.

Fabio said...

I heard a great joke the other day: "A man walks into a bar and asks for an orange wine, and ..." but I can't remember the punchline, dammit!

Ron Washam, HMW said...

No, that IS the joke.

Charlie Olken said...

I hope Atkins gets plenty of hits when he publishes your boner-in-a-can posts, but I am with T. P. (you have got to change your initials) about the futility of trying to engage over there.

I think Atkins is going to have to be happy with the traffic and hope that his British audience gets the point. They may not, because as you know, our countries/parts of the world are great and good friends divided only by a common language.

Charlie Olken said...

And I worry when I see that most of the comments over there are from this community and not from his.

I worry that the Brits just do not get it.

Unknown said...

plus i don't speak british

Ron Washam, HMW said...

You don't have to worry. Tim reads my nonsense first, and he thinks it's funny, AND he's a Brit. Like every other wine blog on the planet, comments are hard to generate. When I first started here, even after I'd gained some notoriety, I got very few comments as well. Blog owners love to get comments, but they seem to come unpredictably in swarms, like other annoying insects, and then mysteriously disappear.

Besides, I'm not sure anyone who reads HoseMaster actually gets it. Not sure there's really much to get.

Jolly good.