Monday, June 1, 2015

Jefford on Mundane: Palate and Column Fatigue

How do you maintain your nose? Your tongue is your most important tool, whose box do you keep it in? How often do you need a liver transplant? And where do you keep the young migrants from whom you harvest your organs? How do you get orange wine stains out of your teeth? Is it better to expectorate or drool? Is age a factor?

All this, and more, will be answered today over at Tim Atkin's site. Taking care of your palate isn't discussed often enough, and today's post will provide you with solid advice on how to maintain your apparently mediocre equipment. As always, feel free to leave your tasteful, or un, remarks over at Tim's, or carefully floss and leave the detritus in its usual place here.


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Paul in St. Augustine said...

Hurricane season starts today. I guess all the regulars here are out prepping for the Big One.