Monday, January 4, 2016

Authorized Fake Wines, and Other REAL Trends in 2016

What will be the most important, most newsworthy trends in the wine business in 2016? What trends and events will trigger every idea-less wine blogger to take to his keyboard and rewrite other people’s original remarks? This is the big question that arises every January. I have the answer. It’s going to be a very dull year in the wine business in 2016. Remember, you heard it here first. Nothing especially significant is going to happen. For God’s sake, it’s wine. It’s insignificant by definition. It’s happy juice made from grapes. Hard to think of much that’s more insignificant—maybe wrestling, or YouTube. That said, and it needed to be said, here are the trends and events I foresee for 2016.

Predicting wine trends each year has become column fodder for just about every wine writer--yet another Wines for Thanksgiving, Gifts for the Wine Lover, and Top 100 Wines sort of drivel. Let's face it, predicting Grower Champagnes will retain their popularity, or that Natural Wines will become more mainstream, or that younger wine writers will emerge to influence the market, is the equivalent of gazing into your crystal ball and predicting "Star Wars" will make a lot of money. Wine writers make Miss Manners seem cutting edge. 

In order to read the HoseMaster's predictions for 2016, you'll need to pop over to Tim Atkin's site, where I'm beginning my fourth year as a contributor. That's hard to believe. As always, do comment over at Tim's site, or if that's too challenging, or you don't feel so Downton Abbeyish, you may leave your fresh crumpets for my delectation here.



Samantha Dugan said...

My Love,
What a way to come back. Loved the piece and seeing as there are now so many of us ladies in the wine business I do hope Decanter offers a section of Hot Young Hipster Winemakers foldouts too! I can think of a couple winemakers who I wouldn't mind seeing flashing their thief. As it where....
My only confusion is on the Terroirless wines, I thought those were already here, made by somebody Swift Somethingorother....

Happy New Year and I do love you so!

Ron Washam, HMW said...

My Gorgeous Samantha,
Happy New Year back at you. I'm sure those Hot Young Hipster Winemakers would be happy to wave their foldouts at you in person, no need for Decanter. Always better when you let it breathe.

Happy New Year to you, Love. Not sure I can do this for another year, but, well, one week at a time...

I love you, too!

Don Clemens said...

Thanks, Ron! Now I know that it is officially The New Year! I'm sending away for my very first bottle of officially FAKE wine, as soon as I can find an order form.

Aaron said...

Thanks Ron, now I know what to ask for at my local wine shop! Authorized fake wines and when they are going to hold their MOS class!

Ron Washam, HMW said...

Make sure and drink your new authentic fake wine from authentically fake Riedel stems! Thanks for being a common tater!~

That's the beauty of the MOS--you don't really need a class for it, just the T-shirt. Happy New Year, Common Tater!