Monday, June 6, 2016

Announcing Masters of Wine Lite©

The Institute of Masters of Wine is pleased to announce its new program, Masters of Wine Lite©. Tired of being the only person in your wine tasting group without initials after your name? That business card of yours looking a bit like you’re about as qualified for a wine job as a Komodo dragon, but with worse breath? Want to have members of the opposite sex swooning over you? Oh, just kidding, MWs don’t really have an opposite sex. But if you’ve always wanted a prestigious wine degree without all the needless study, the expense of presitigious wines, and cumbersome trivial knowledge, then Masters of Wine Lite© is for you!

There's a major competition going on for your wine education dollars, and now the Institute of Masters of Wine is getting serious. Look out WSET and CSW, the EmDubs are coming for you! Read all about how easy it is to get your Master of Wine Lite© over at Master of Wine Heavyweight Tim Atkin's site. Hey, blockheads, new letters to put after your names!



Mark Rader said...

Oh, goody! I can hardly wait! Count me IN!

Dean Tudor said...

The Wine Writers Circle of Canada has been offering a "Masters of Wine Writing" for quite some you an MWW after your name.

I've got mine. Have you got yours?

Ron Washam, HMW said...

Start writing the check, my friend. An mw ain't cheap, but at least it's easy. In fact, I think that's the mw motto.

You forget that I am the only HMW. Unicorn title! I win. I like that there is a Wine Writers Circle of Canada. Did they forget and leave the "Jerk" out?

Alfonso Cevola said...

I thought it was called the Wine Writers Arctic Circle of Canada

Batmang said...

It sounds like Trump University of Wine!

Bob Henry said...

Wine folks aren't the only ones looking to place acronyms after their names to bolster their credentials -- as today's Journal article attests:

The closing paragraph:

"Indeed, as cumbersome as some of the acronyms can be, few would say they are too much of a good thing. Excess accreditation 'can be humorous, but I wouldn’t hold it against somebody,' . . ."