Thursday, December 3, 2009

What's the HoseMaster Drinking?

GTS Vineyards 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon Nancy's Fancy Diamond Mountain

I'm an unabashed baseball fan, so once the World Series is over I slip into depression. And not just a mild depression. I get self-destructive. I actively seek out oblivion. I read wine blogs. I find WineHarlots gives me a very satisfying loss of the will to live. Reading BrixChicks for just twenty minutes has sent my brain into a vegetative state, and I have a very strict Do Not Resuscitate rule, unless it's a woman doing it and she uses her tongue. Perhaps I love baseball not wisely, but too well. So when I sat down to dinner last night and thought about what wine I wanted to drink, it came to me. Tom Seaver! Miracle Mets, Tom Terrific, Three-Time Cy Young Award Winner, and, now Diamond (where else?) Mountain Cabernet producer! A bottle of his wine would have to help. And, luckily, I owned a bottle or two. Seaver owns about four acres of vineyard on Diamond Mountain. Seaver hired Thomas Brown, famed winemaker for Schrader, Outpost and his own label, Rivers-Marie, to be his winery battery mate. The GTS 2005 Nancy's Fancy is very nice Diamond Mountain Cabernet, though showing the youthfulness of the vineyard. Brown dolled it up in a bunch of oak so it comes across a little like Brooke Shields in "Pretty Baby;" and while the oak is a bit too noticeable for my taste, the fruit does manage to stand up to it with bright cherry and red currant flavors with just a bit of green olive. I wouldn't expect a long, award-winning career from this rookie effort, but it certainly cheered me up to be drinking a wine from Tom Seaver. And it receives an extra 311 points, one for each win of Tom Terrific's great career.

The HoseMaster Score 598,311 Points

Disclaimer: I do not own a chimp named Bubbles and have never dated Brooke Shields. I did once date a chimp named Brooke.

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