Monday, January 18, 2010

What's the HoseMaster Drinking?


This is a wine that's an absolute joy to drink. Every Italian wine lover is familiar with the wines of Abbazia di Novacella and their brilliant winemaker Celestino Lucin. And Lagrein is one of the great underappreciated varieties; where it shines is the Alto Adige. So you take a great winemaker, working at one of the oldest wineries in the world (founded in 1142 by Augustinian monks St. Mickey of Dolenz and St. Peter of Tork), producing wine from one of Italy's great red wine grapes, and you get this beauty. St. Augustine of Hippo (not to be confused with Kirstie Alley of Hippo), whose teachings the Augustinians follow, taught, among other things, that "Nothing conquers except truth and the victory of truth is love." Now there's a pithy little aphorism. Though I always thought the victory of truth is divorce. But I would never argue with a guy named Saint Augustine of Hippo. Unless I was Saint Ron of Oxpecker, and, believe me, I know Oxpeckers, I worked with Oxpeckers, I am certainly a long way from an Oxpecker. Baboonpecker, maybe, but no Oxpecker. Oh, where was I? Drinking this gorgeous bottle of red wine actually reminded me of drinking one of the great red wines of the Loire, with its lithe body and insistent acidity. Lagrein isn't always this compelling. Many examples are light and stupid. But in the hands of Celestino Lucin Lagrein shows its powdery, floral, cherry and almond skin beauty. This stuff is as racy as a Victoria's Secret runway show but without that depilatory smell. Tell me that doesn't make you want to try a taste.

The HoseMaster Score: 777,500 Points

Disclaimer: As a young Leo chicken I always wanted to be an Augustinian friar.


viNomadic said...

Well, call me a sick li'l ole boy, but it does. I could use some of that RIGHT. NOW.

Charlie Olken said...

Hosemaster? Oxpecker? Hosepecker? Ozmaster? Saint Ron?

To tell you the truth, I have never heard of this joint so I looked it up and here is what I found.

<< Il convento di Novacella รจ stato fondato nel 1142 dal vescovo della diocesi di Bressanone beato Hartmann con l'aiuto del burgravio di Sabiona Reginberto e della sua consorte Cristina. L'abbazia appartiene alla Congregazione Lateranense Austriaca dei Canonici Regolari di San Agostino. >>

I don't know why you need to trot us all the way to northern Italy when we have perfectly good Italian places like Castello di Amarosa (not responsible for misspelling the name of a faux castle) right in our own backyards.

Ron Washam, HMW said...

Hey Charlie,

I've been to Castello di Amorosa and, well, at least it has a torture chamber--it's called the Tasting Room.

Well, back to the old Lagrein...