Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Love Among the Somms

Members of the Sommish People

The Somms are a strange people, only recently discovered by Westerners. Little is known about where they originated, though most anthropologists agree that it was very early in the 21st Century that most Americans became aware of them, rather like radical Islamist terrorists, or the bizarre Butt people from Kardashia. Many speculate that the symbolic changing of millennia is what created the atmosphere for such bizarre cults to emerge. Our fascination for freaks in stressful times, and our fears about the end of the civilized world, may be what nurtures the rise of such strange and self-serving peoples. Pound for pound, only the Somms have bigger asses than the Butt people of Kardashia.

You'll find many interesting observations in my anthropological study of the Sommish people, but you'll have to make the leap over to Tim Atkin MW's award-winning site to read them. While you're there, be sure to contribute to this landmark study of the Somms with a pithy comment. Or, if you must, pour me a small taste of what you have to say, I'll give it the sniff test, and tell you if it smells like shit.



Mark Rader said...

The Butt people of Kardashia??!! Ohhh, Ron!!

Ron Washam, HMW said...

Yes, the Butt people of Kardashia. Remember when you were a kid and you stared at naked African tribeswomen in National Geographic? It's just like that with the Butt people and the internet.

Mark Rader said...

Ahh. Thanks for explaining it to me...I think.

Rocky Volcanics said...

Fred Dame ... wasn’t crucified, but there’s still time.

Just speed my pants.

Charlie Olken said...

I like Fred Dame. But, then, I also like Dan Berger. Of course, I am older than either of them so they have to be nice to me. Maybe that explains why you are usually kind to me.

Loved the jokes here like Butt people of Kardashia and Somms are the right wing radio hosts of wine.

Glad to see so many comments over on Atkin, but wish more of them were his followers, not your common taters.

Ron Washam, HMW said...

Some folks spit coffee, some folks pee. Nice to have choices.

I like Dan, and I might even like Fred Dame if I didn't keep meeting whoever that guy is at all the wine tastings with his name tag on. Would you like me to stop being nice to you? Be careful what you wish for.

I'm glad my common taters are at Atkin, though I do wish others would follow. I suspect his fans have no idea what I'm talking about most of the time, and have yet to figure out that I don't either. I'm amazed Tim is still publishing me. But he's a steadfast and loyal fellow to the HoseMaster, God Bless Him. His other columnists don't get many comments either, so I like to think it's cultural, not just about ignoring me.

I should have written about the Butt people, it's a much meatier topic.