Thursday, June 6, 2013

What If I Quit Writing This Crap?

What if Jesus had turned water into a nice gin rickey? Ooh, wouldn’t that have been refreshing? Maybe with little umbrellas in them, or, I know, a little red crucifix. That would have been festive. Then maybe every dimwit who starts his Journey to Discover Wine would stop referring to wine as some sort of miracle. It’s not a miracle. A miracle would be Robert Mondavi coming back from the dead. I mean the winery, not the man. A miracle would be a wine faith healer who could touch wine barrels and cure them of Brett, like an Oral Roberts of wine only without his fingers in the bungs. A miracle would be getting on the Marcassin mailing list and understanding the newsletters. Wine’s just fermented grape juice. A gin rickey is a miracle.

What if it turned out terroir was caused by sulfites?

What if sommeliers had to wear bells around their necks so you’d hear them coming? Big ones, like cows wear. And they could never take them off and had to wear them to wine tastings? And what if we issued supercharged cattle prods to restaurant customers so they could use them on the sommeliers as needed? Wouldn’t this enhance the restaurant experience and guarantee more people would want to look at the wine list? Wouldn’t it motivate sommeliers to be less arrogant? A wine list with seventeen German red wines? BZZZZZZZZZTT. Should have thought twice about all that Spätburgunder on the wine list, genius. Sommeliers would achieve new heights of popularity, and, as a bonus, receive the outpatient shock treatment therapy they need free of charge!

What if Stelvins were made like child-proof medicine bottles? Would Tim Fish still have a job?

What if you could go online and buy an MS for a day? Like you can register to legally marry couples for a day? You could print up some cards that say “Ron Washam (or your name might be preferable), MS” and you’d know everything about wine for a day. Like when The Scarecrow gets a diploma in “The Wizard of Oz.” You could buy it before your trip to wine country and walk into every winery and say, “Hello, I’m an MS.” just like the real ones do. You could drop it into conversations. “Does anyone know where the Court of Master Sommeliers is? I think I’m on jury duty.” Or what if you could buy a WSET for a day? Why would you? You remember what happened to the lepers.

What if spitting caused cirrhosis?

What if Robert Parker had decided to use SAT scores instead of the 100 Point Scale? You know, what if he’d thought of us as college material rather than junior high dumbshits? Then nineteen 2009 Bordeaux would have received 2400 points! 800 for aroma and complexity, 800 for overall quality, and 800 just for showing up. Sure, everyone understands the 100 Point Scale, but only brainiacs would understand the SAT scale. Though the highest score for a legendary 1982 Bordeaux back then would only be 1600. This still makes sense when adjusted for score inflation. Only wines with high scores would be allowed in college coeds.

What if Roundup worked removing winemaker tattoos? Would you carry some in your car? Even in Sicily?

What if smell were connected to bodily functions in your brain instead of memory? So every time you smelled Merlot you had to whiz? Would that affect the sales of Merlot? Or would it just come in wider-mouthed bottles? And what if smelling a nice Argentinian Malbec made you belch? Ever eaten in Argentina? I think it actually does. And if smelling Prosecco gave you the hiccups? No problem. The taste will scare them away.

What if a passion for orange wines is the perfect predictor for early onset Alzheimer’s?

What if grapes were the size of cantaloupes? Would you need migrant Samoans to harvest them? Or would you hire illegal aliens? Space aliens.

What if a winery could ship wine legally to any state in the Union? Wouldn’t that be entertaining chaos!? How would consumers know what wines to buy without a bunch of inept, barely wine literate middlemen to decide what wines are available and where? What would state legislators do without electoral money from the liquor industry? Win on merit? What if we treated wine like guns and didn’t worry if children or the mentally ill sign for the delivery? What if wineries weren’t allowed to sell their wines anywhere but the winery, and we didn’t allow exports from Italy, France, Greece and other third world countries? Limit choice the old-fashioned way—build monopolies! What if we passed an Amendment to the Constitution reinstating Prohibition so we could then pass another Amendment to the Constitution ending Prohibition, but then craft alcohol laws on a Federal level rather than each letting each individual State make a jackass of itself?

What if they let anyone write a wine blog? And then gave awards? How stupid would that be?


Wines for the People said...

Thanks for the daydreams. What a wonderful world it would be.

Unknown said...

When I asked a few weeks ago if you ever wore the cow bell, I forgot to add, is there anything more fucking ludicrous, besides RP's 100 point scores???

Jeff said...

Great, Ron. Just great.
I love this.

Tim said...

Ron, you *always* quit writing this crap. It's one of your finer points.

Sommelliers. Need more cowbells.

Ron Washam, HMW said...

Nope, I never wore the cowbell. I did , however, wear a flea collar.

Thanks, Jeff and Tim, just one of those really stupid pieces I love to write, this one inspired by a recent Tom Wark post. I need to stop reading wine blogs.

Dean Tudor said...

What if I quit writing this crap...Maybe you could do an homage to George Carlin...

Great material`re the best..

Samantha Dugan said...

Ron My Love,
I started reading this and thought, "Holy shit, he's Warking" so brilliant once again. Let anyone write a wine blog? And give awards?! That's just crazy talk. Oh, oh I got one, "What if they let other bloggers pick who wins?" or even better, "What if getting your whole family, even your uncle that has been asked not to return to family dinners, to vote for you?! Like get on every computer they can access while on house arrest and log on to your blog, for the first time ever, and click away to award you, The Most Talented?!" Now that, that would be crazy tal....oh wait, never mind.

Never quit My Beloved Internet Groom, I would wither away without you. I love you so!!

Marcia Macomber said...

Love the SAT score scale!

What if wineries could write their own reviews? Wait--

What if the TTB said, "Sure, label it any way you want: varietal, appellation or none of the above"?

What if you could fill a cowhorn with manure and bury it in your vineyard under a full moon to get a better crop? Wait--

What would we do if you quit writing this crap?!?! Wait--

Ron Washam, HMW said...

Hey Gang,
Not sure I can handle the HoseMaster love fest. But thanks to everyone who so generously wastes their time here.

I nearly published my Poodle "acceptance speech," but it was harsher than I like, if honest. So instead I tossed up this parade of nonsense to clear my cluttered head.

A sincere thank you to everyone who makes writing this crap, and being the HoseMaster of Wine, worthwhile. It is me who needs you, not the reverse.

Ron Washam, HMW said...

Oh, and I love you, too, My Gorgeous Samantha. Happy Belated Birthday!

Bob Henry said...


And not a single HoseMaster-reading wine wag chimed in with the obvious retort:

"What If I Quit READING This Crap?"

With apologies to blog respondent Marcia Macomber . . .

Wait --

~~ Bob

Ron Washam, HMW said...

Are you just trying to cheer me up?

Bob Henry said...

Who . . . you with the "sanguine" disposition?

The person who put the "culture" in viticulture?

(Notā bene: I swear on Parker's grave I never said "Put the H in wine critic.")

Unknown said...

Great, Ron. Do you mean that tastevin thing that I wore in the 1870's wasn't a damned cowbell? Serves me right for not being on a farm. Or being a drummer - they know cowbells...or tastevins...or...

Ron Washam, HMW said...

Hey ME,
Maybe I was too harsh. Maybe only Sommeliers whose list is primarily Natural Wines should wear cow bells. And be buried in cow horns. Then dug up after six months and spread over Nicolas Joly. Or Angelina Jolie. Who are married, and referred to as Nicolangelo.

Unknown said...

Ironically, sulfites are part of terroir. Organic, biodynamic, and conventional vineyards are all sprayed with sulfur. I'll let you guess which method sprays on the lunar cycle.

enobytes said...

If you quit writing this crap, I won't be able to present you with this #bark #poodle #award

Bark on #MP (Master Poodle)